Educational Therapy

At Collaborative OT Solutions, we take pride in working collaboratively with both school organizations and families.

As a Non-Public Agency (NPA), Collaborative OT Therapy Solutions provides comprehensive, educationally-related occupational therapy (OT) services that include OT evaluation and treatment to students, as well as collaboration and training with all Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team members.


What Are School-based OT Evaluations?

School-based OT evaluations are completed utilizing a combination of standardized and non-standardized tools; interviews; file review; clinical observations; and, play-based observations. Detailed OT evaluation/progress reports are educationally-focused and, include therapist participation in IEP meetings which facilitates rapport with the team while enhancing understanding of a student’s strengths and areas of need.

School-Based Therapy

Collaborative OT Solutions offers school-based interventions that utilize a range of current theories and evidence-based strategies in the least restrictive environment. Collaborative OT Solutions provides specialized therapy to students under all IEP Primary Disability categories, taking into consideration and providing for any environmental and/or material adaptations necessary to help students thrive in their educational programs.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to intervention support is provided when requested by the educational team and as deemed appropriate for the setting. These services can include handwriting groups, fine motor groups, and/or sensory motor groups.

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

Collaborative OT Solutions is registered as an IEE provider with many school districts throughout San Diego County. When an independent educationally-related evaluation is required, Collaborative OT Solutions completes an educationally-related evaluation while gathering pertinent information from families. Present levels and areas of need are considered within the educational framework and, goals are developed with a team approach. Reports are included, and our therapists participate in the IEP meetings as appropriate.

Handwriting Support

All Collaborative OT Solutions therapists are formally trained in the Handwriting Without Tears program. The HWT program is utilized as part of handwriting evaluation and therapy, along with specialized clinical observations and standardized testing as appropriate. Once, handwriting areas of need are identified, our staff works with families to determine a treatment plan that targets goal areas and, that takes the child’s participation and skills into consideration.

Staff Training & Parent Education

Collaborative OT Solutions staff periodically offer educational workshops for both school organizations and parents. Workshops can cover topics such as: fine motor development and support strategies; sensory motor development and support strategies; and, handwriting development and support strategies.

Additionally, Collaborative OT Solutions works with other professionals in the San Diego area to offer requested topics of discussion and informational meetings by bringing professionals into the clinic. To request an informational workshop or topic, please contact us at:


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