Collaborative OT Solutions is now offering Teletherapy services for OT, PT, & SLP

Your child’s participation in Teletherapy for OT, PT, & SLP is very important as we want our clients to continue to progress in their skills as much as possible during this time when we are not able to provide direct treatment. Teletherapy is the ability for you and your child to connect with your therapist over video.

Collaborative OT Solutions’ (COTS) staff have been working from home to be able to provide this valuable service to you. We use HIPAA compliant platforms such as  Clocktree and Zoom.  They are secure formats that can be used on your computer, ipad,  tablet, or smartphone. The Clocktree platform and our Fusion scheduling system also allows your therapist to upload documents and home exercise programs.


Starting Teletherapy

  • Check your email and voicemail for important information and consent forms about starting Teletherapy at COTS.
  • Sign and return consent forms to COTS via email:
  • Your assigned therapist will contact you to schedule your Teletherapy time. This may differ from your regular schedule.
  • You will get an “Invite” email from Clocktree or Zoom. Please click on the invitation and follow the directions to set up your user.
  • We are starting the first Teletherapy sessions with a 30-minute appointment. Please know that your therapist will work with you to set up regular, longer appointment times as you child is able to tolerate them.

Preparing for your first Teletherapy Appointment

Expect for the first session to include the therapist seeing the set-up of your home and what materials are available. Instead of direct patient care, the therapist will be using a coaching model of care. This is a common model for therapy services where we instruct you on how to carry out the treatment. We are very excited about the opportunity to see your child in the home environment and for you to better learn the strategies we use.

You can prepare for each session by gathering the materials that would be needed based on your child’s specific goals. (such as, books, scissors, paper, shoes with laces, etc.). Please take a moment prior to your first Teletherapy to decide where your “session” will take place. Please choose a room or space that you and your child will be able to view the therapist and be in view of the web camera. There is no cost to you for the Teletherapy software. If you have a regular copay, we will likely need to collect that from you and your therapist will talk with you about it.


Open for In-Person & Teletherapy Visits

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