cots National Crayon Day

National Crayon Day

The therapists at Collaborative OT Solutions use crayons to help children improve their ability manipulate other similar important items as well such as pencils, utensils, toothbrush, & scissors.

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St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and in celebration, here’s a fun sensory bin for this fun holiday! You can customize any sensory bin to fit the interests of your child.

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Building Skills With Bubbles

In therapy sessions at Collaborative OT Solutions you may see us using one of our favorite therapy interventions during Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy… Bubbles!

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Happy Lego Day!

Legos are loved by children and therapists alike! Whether your child is building a small original creation or tackling a 20-step, 5-foot structural piece there are plenty of benefits for your child’s development.

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